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To increase recoveries, MJR goes beyond balance and product group (commercial, consumer) segmentation. MJR will demonstrate our ability to increase recoveries through Unique Inventory Management and Application of Specialized Work Strategies based on the unique attributes of your portfolio. MJR’s Team will consist of experienced and dedicated staff familiar with your portfolio. MJR will align its workflows to maximize your KPI’s.

Performance and Partnership

MJR takes the time to know what’s important to your business, understand what drives your KPIs, and puts data-driven strategies in place to meet and exceed your benchmarks. The entire team knows what is expected, and works together to hit each target each day, week and month

Investment and Flexibility

MJR proactively invests in value-added programs to better our results and/or pilot new ideas.

 Initiative and Innovation

MJR will not just cover a set work standard – we look for ways to raise the bar and find better ways to improve performance, effectiveness and productivity.

Openness and Accountability

MJR promptly shares our findings, concerns, wins and opportunities with your team so that you are always in the know. MJR has always met its challenges head on, and will never be “unresponsive” to your inquiries.

Value Add – Even on the Basics

  • Flexible Pricing Strategies that best suit your cost structures
  • Comprehensive Inventory and Performance Management to meet and exceed your objectives
  • Customized Analytics and Reporting that help you measure and monitor results
  • A Culture of Continuous Improvement at all staffing levels
  • Compliance to your unique requirements

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